"Metaphotonics and Mie-tronics"
Yuri Kivshar 氏

May 20, 2024

日本物理学会北海道支部講演会・応用物理学会北海道支部講演会・第21回応用物 理学コロキウム・第297回エンレイソウの会

講演題目: Metaphotonics and Mie-tronics
講 師 : Yuri Kivshar 氏
      (Australian National University, Professor)
日 時 : 2024年5月20日(月) 16:30-18:00
場 所 : 北海道大学工学部 アカデミックラウンジ 3(B3-201)
要 旨 :
Recent progress is subwavelength optics is driven by the physics of optical resonances. This provides a novel platform for localization of light in subwavelength photonic structures and opens new horizons for metamaterial-enabled photonics, or metaphotonics. Recently emerged field of Mie-resonant metaphotonics (also called "Mie-tronics") employs resonances in high-index dielectric nanoparticles and dielectric metasurfaces and aiming for novel applications of subwavelength optics and photonics, benefiting from low material losses and optically-induced magnetic response. In this talk, I will review the recent advances in Mie-tronics and its applications in metaphotonics and metasurfaces, including generation of structured light and chiral metaphotonics.

Professor Yuri Kivshar received PhD degree in 1984 in Kharkov (Ukraine). He left the Soviet Union in 1989 and after several visiting positions in Europe, he settled in Australia in 1993. He is Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science since 2002, and also Fellow of Optica, APS, SPIE, and IOP. He received many awards, more recently 2022 Max Born Award (Optica, former OSA). His research interests include nonlinear physics, metamaterials, and nanophotonics.

世話人: 森田 隆二

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