"Interlayer tunneling spectroscopy of the charge density wave (CDW) state in NbSe3"
Prof. Yu.I. Latyshev

Mar 12, 2003

講演題目: Interlayer tunneling spectroscopy of the charge density wave (CDW) state in NbSe3
講 師 : Prof. Yu.I. Latyshev
     (Inst. of Radio-Eng. and Electronics RAS, Russia)
日 時 : 平成15年3月12日 (水) 16:00-
場 所 : 北海道大学大学院理学研究科物理学専攻 大学院講義室 理学部 2号館(2-11号室)

要 旨 :
  Using small stacked junctions of high quality we have measured interlayer tunneling spectra of the layered quasi-one-dimensional material NbSe3. We identified a number of new features on the spectra: zero bias conductance peak (ZBCP), CDW gap structure for lower and upper CDW, the sub-gap structure inside the CDW gap. The ZBCP dominates in low temperature spectra. We discuss its origin as being related to the interlayer coherent tunneling of the carriers uncondensed into CDW. We found that ZBCP is sensitive to magnetic field and its orientation. The field perpendicular to the layers broadens ZBCP while the parallel field narrows that. We consider the sub-gap structure as associated with self-localized states inside the gap.

世話人  松永 悟明

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