"Inelastic STM tunneling spectroscopy and resonance peak in cuprates"
Dr. A.V. Balatsky

Apr 14, 2003

講演題目: Inelastic STM tunneling spectroscopy and resonance peak in cuprates
講 師 : Dr. A.V. Balatsky
     (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
日 時 : 平成15年4月14日 (月) 15:00-
場 所 : 北海道大学大学院理学研究科物理学専攻 大学院講義室 理学部 2号館(2-11号室)

要 旨 :
  We will discuss the applications of the old ideas of inelastic tunneling spectroscopy to the strongly correlated systems, such as high-Tc materials.
  We argue that the STM detection of a single vibrational and spin mode might shed new light on the nature of the strongly correlated state in high-Tc materials. We will also consider the local effect of the scattering off collective modes, e. g. 42-meV neutron scattering mode, on the STM tunneling characteristic. Both the energy and momentum dependence of the neutron scattering mode might be detected in STM tunneling. Alternative explanation of the resonance peak as a commensurate response of incommensurate magnet will be presented.

世話人  小田 研

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