"Impurity Band Mott Insulators - a new route to (High Tc) Superconductivity"
Prof. G. Baskaran

May 27, 2004

講演題目: Impurity Band Mott Insulators - a new route to (High Tc) Superconductivity
講 師 : Prof. G. Baskaran
     (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India
      および 東北大学金属材料研究所付属 材料科学国際フロンティアセンター・客員教授)
日 時 : 平成16年5月27日 (木) 16:00-
場 所 : 北海道大学大学院理学研究科物理学専攻 大学院講義室 理学部2号館(2-11号室)

要 旨 :
   Mott insulators have given us a nice route to reach a correlation driven high Tc superconductivity and novel superconductors as evidenced by cuprate and organic superconductors. Inspired by a recent finding [1] of superconductivity in boron doped diamond. I suggest that impurity band Mott insulators provide another route for high Tc superconductivity. I will illustrate this idea by going into some details of an electron correlation driven superconductivity mechanism I have suggested for the heavily doped diamond [2]. I argue that the uncompensated boron impurity band is strongly correlated and undergoes a Anderson-Mott insulator to superconductivity transition as the boron density is increased across a critical concentration.
[1] E.A. Ekimov et al., Nature (London), 428 542 (2004)
[2] G. Baskaran, cond-mat/0404286

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