「Anilate-based multifunctional molecular materials」
Prof. Carlos J. Gomez Garcia

Aug 05, 2015


講演題目: Anilate-based multifunctional molecular materials
講 師 : Prof. Carlos J. Gomez Garcia
     Instituto de Ciencia Molecular (ICMol), Univ. de Valencia
日 時 : 平成27年8月5日 (水) 16:30-17:30
場 所 : 北海道大学理学部5号館202室(5-2-02)

要 旨 :
Anilate-type ligands ([C6O4X2]2- = dianion of the 3,6-disubstituted derivatives of 2,5 dihydroxy-1,4-benzoquinone, H4C6O4) are quite old ligands that have been used for many years to prepare many 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D homo-metallic compounds with different metal ions.[1] Very recently we started to use them to prepare hetero-metallic extended structures (1D, 2D and 3D)[2] showing ferrimagnetic long range ordering whose ordering temperatures could be tuned by simply changing the X group. Given the similarity of the anilato and oxalato ligands, we can anticipate that a vast field in now open with some advantages for the anilato ligand when compared with oxalato: (i) Anilato-type ligands can be modified by changing X, (ii) the hexagonal cavities are twice larger for anilato that for oxalato and (iii) the electronic features of these cavities can be tuned by changing X. Here we will show our recent results obtained using anilato-type ligands to prepare a plethora of molecular materials with different dimensionalities and properties.[3,4] [1] S. Kitagawa, S. Kawata, Coord. Chem. Rev. 2002, 224, 11-34. [2] M. Atzori, S. Benmansour, G. Minguez Espallargas, M. Clemente-Leon,A. Abherve, P. Gomez-Claramunt, E. Coronado, F. Artizzu, E. Sessini, P.Deplano, A. Serpe, M. L. Mercuri, C. J. Gomez Garcia, Inorg. Chem. 2013,52, 10031-10040. [3] S. Benmansour, E. Coronado, C. Gimenez-Saiz, C. J. Gomez-Garcia, C.Ro?er, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2014, 3949-3959. [4] S. Benmansour, C. Valles-Garcia, P. Gomez-Claramunt, G. Minguez Espallargas, C. J. Gomez-Garcia, Inorg. Chem. 2015, 54, 5410-5418.

世話人  井原慶彦
北海道大学理学部物理学科 (電話011-706-3484)

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