Sep 20, 2023

「Selected Two-Fluid Effects in Soft Condensed Matter」
Helmut R. Brand氏


講演題目: Selected Two-Fluid Effects in Soft Condensed Matter
講 師 : Helmut R. Brand氏
日時: 2023年9月20日(水) 16:00-17:00
場 所 : 北海道大学理学部 2-402
要 旨 :
Key question addressed in this seminar: importance of two-fluid effects on macroscopic and mesoscopic scales in complex fluids. Topics of central importance are immiscibility and velocity differences. Two-fluid hydrodynamics can be applied to materials with two subsystems, which can move relative to each other. The additional macroscopic variables always include the concentration of one component and the relative velocity. The three specific systems covered here are:
1) Smectic clusters in nematic phases: breakdown of flow alignment and sign change of the anisotropy of electric conductivity [1].
2) Clusters above the glass transition in polymer and low molecular weight materials [2].
3) Magnetorheological fluids (MRFs): onset of column formation in magnetic fields [3].

[1] H.R. Brand and H. Pleiner, Phys. Rev. E 103, 012705 (2021).
[2] H. Pleiner and H.R. Brand, Rheol. Acta 60, 675 (2021).
[3] H. Pleiner, D. Svensek, T. Potisk, and H.R. Brand, Phys. Rev. E 101, 032601 (2020).

世話人: 北 孝文
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